5 questions that determine whether your EAM system is up to the job

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With any new software acquisition, the devil is always in the details.

But when a software package performs as many mission-critical functions as your enterprise asset management (EAM) system, there are multiple “devils” to be concerned about. With the performance and efficiency of your business in the balance, it’s essential to address every need and make every decision with care.

That discussion begins with the fundamental question of whether your existing EAM is good enough for what you need it to do.

“With the right enterprise asset management system in place, you can not only keep your assets operating within specifications and reduce energy usage but vastly increase efficiency and identify problems before they shut down your operations,” according to a new executive brief on choosing the right EAM system. “In short, you can use your EAM system to optimize maintenance and turn it into a competitive advantage.”

To meet those goals, organizations are encouraged to “consider software that has built-in preventive features and alerts; provides checklists and easy-to-use daily scheduling capabilities; gives contractors access to the system through their own portal; can scale as you add users without causing a system crash; and gives you native, platform-agnostic mobile capabilities.”

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